Elevetion Zero, one of the first album wrote and recorded by Max Polo in the 1995
for the ACV Records Label.
Electronic music with soprano voice, has been the real revolution in this project for that time.

A special thanks to: Giada Rea -Soprano Voice. "Trk 4"
Moreover, all the sounds has been engineered with the following analog synthesizers:-
Many thanks to: Elka Synthex, Arp Quadra, Roland Juno106 * Roland JD 800 - S330.

Elevation Zero
Courtesy of ACV Records.

Trk 4 Giada extract 30''

Trk 6 Free extract 1.30''

Trk 10 Life extract 1.30"

Trk 5 Entity Code BK01D extract 1.30''

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