His real name is... Max Polo. It’s a name that seemed fitting also as a stage-name.
Max began his career in 1990. After a few works, he wrote and recorded his first album.
“Elevation Zero” – electronic music with soprano voice - on the ACV Records label.

In the meantime, he put a stop to his recording production, to finish his composition studies.
A few years ago, he went to play live in Japan.
Themes and harmonies were created in particular for a Japanese fashion stylist
“Mika Kinoshita”, and his music obtained positive reviews in the local fashion magazines.

He spent a few years in London to understand what was going on and what to do with his music… “well, it is not so simple”, he tells us.
There are many different styles and cultures inside London. Who can actually understand, or say what should or should not be done?”.

Nowadays, Max has established his independent label, and has started producing works.
“Years of work”, he tells us, “to climb up a first single step”.
The time devoted to recording studies and under recording contracts helped him to understand why producers drive their artists to do things they would have never dreamt of doing.

The record industry is not a simple thing, and it is just right for every artist to understand it so that, later on, he will be able to give free play to his art since, should it be missing, there would be no record producer and, therefore, no Majors.

The passion for the various styles of electronic music, and film music – perhaps the latter inherited from his father Sante Maria Romitelli who, in its turn, created film music composing and orchestrating it -nearly forced him to remain free from anyone else's influence.

We have to believe in our dreams, even when they seem to extend beyond our reach.
Everybody needs to dream, since without dreams we would have no future, but merely a
day-to-day present.

Max Polo Composer - IPI Name Number #445598615
ASCAP Member.

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CEO - Phonosync Italy VAT: IT03132160304.

PHONOSYNC Records - Publisher IPI Number: 1000151848 - Pro ASCAP - (USA).
Ongoing for Vinyl Record Manufacturing & Publishing.
Sub Label Controlled: Polomusic® IT - ATECO: 90.03.09.

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PHONOSYNC Audiovisuals - Codice ATECO: 90.02.09 (In progress).
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L'industria discografica e la necessità di avere nuovamente il prodotto fisico sulle proprie mani.

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